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Shawnee United Methodist Church is pleased and honored that you have chosen us for your marriage and wedding ceremony.  Your wedding is a spiritual ceremony that will provide lasting memories for you and also a spiritual union in which both of you covenant to live in relationship with God and each other and will be a blessing to you both.  All aspects of these two events, including the vows, music, prayers, and decorations are for the purpose of glorifying God in a reverent and joyous atmosphere.  The pastor and staff of Shawnee United Methodist Church seek to assist you in making your wedding  event a meaningful and memorable experience.


The following Guidelines have been developed to ensure that your wedding ceremony honors the sacred space of the Shawnee United Methodist Church while meeting your specific wedding needs.  These are some of the people who will be working with you to help make your wedding the beautiful and meaningful event you want it to be 



Following a request for scheduling a ceremony, the bride and groom will be sent the current Wedding Policy and Wedding Request Application Form.  After reading the policy, please fill out the Wedding Request Application Form and send or bring it to the Shawnee United Methodist Church, Attention: Wedding Coordinator.  The wedding coordinator and Pastor will consider your request.  In consultation and agreement with the couple to be wed and confirmation of the proposed date and time of the wedding, the couple will receive a confirmation form signed by both the Pastor and Wedding Coordinator and a reservation form indicating the agreed upon day, date and time of the wedding.  You will receive confirmation within three to five days of your request by email and U. S. Postal Service.  Please return the reservation form with your signature and a nonrefundable deposit of $100 made out to the Shawnee United Methodist Church.  Your deposit must be received before your wedding is placed on the Church Calendar.  Under no circumstances should dates be announced, invitations ordered, or other contractual obligations entered into until this process is completed.  The deposit will be applied to payment of the church personnel fees.



Weddings held in the Shawnee United Methodist Church are to be performed by the minister of Shawnee United Methodist Church.  Guest clergy may assist with the approval of the Senior Pastor or under their direct supervision.  All other arrangements must be made in consultation with the Senior Minister.  The minister performing the ceremony must be confirmed approximately four months before the wedding date.  It is the responsibility of the couple to contact the presiding minister three to four months before the wedding to set up pre-marital counseling appointments.



The Wedding Coordinator represents the church in coordinating the many details of the wedding and rehearsal within the church. Her responsibilities include: ensuring the wedding venue is ready for the rehearsal and wedding, unlocking rooms for the wedding party, coordinating audio set-up, arranging guest book podium and gift table, assisting pastor with rehearsal, orchestrating processional and recessional, monitoring time schedules related to the ceremony, ensuring the church is cleaned after wedding, and overseeing any other facilitation needs within the church.


When the wedding date has been confirmed and placed on the wedding schedule by the Wedding Program Director, a Wedding Coordinator will be assigned (approximately three months prior to the wedding date). All inquiries after this point should be made directly to the wedding coordinator. The Wedding Coordinator will call to discuss plans and answer questions. She will assist with rehearsal and will be at the church during the designated times listed in the paragraph entitled Scheduling Your Wedding.



The pastor can only perform weddings in full accordance with the law. Please do not overlook the necessity for careful compliance. The wedding cannot take place without a marriage license. The license is to be given to the Pastor or the Wedding Coordinator at the rehearsal.  If you are marrying in Kansas, the license must be issued in Kansas. Likewise, if your venue is in Missouri, the license must be issued in Missouri.



We are an active worshiping congregation.  Occasionally there are church events that make it impossible to schedule a wedding because of building usage.  Therefore wedding services will not be scheduled on the following dates:

  • Saturdays after 5:00 PM (to allow preparation for Sunday worship)
  • Christmas Eve or Christmas
  • New Years Eve or New Years Day
  • During Holy Week including Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving Day

All off-site weddings and reservations are to be made in consultation with the Wedding Coordinator and Clergy performing the ceremony.  A mileage fee at the IRS rate will be assessed if the site is more than 30 miles from the Shawnee UMC.  The location of your wedding may necessitate another minister officiating at your wedding.



Couples should meet with the church organist/pianist upon scheduling their wedding.  If you request a guest organist, the church organist must approve him/her.  The church organist’s services are not guaranteed by your church reservation.  Couples will be responsible for the necessary musical arrangements for instrumental music used in place of, or in addition to the organ.  The approval of the church organist and the officiating minister is required.  All musicians should plan on attending the wedding rehearsal.  They should arrive fifteen minutes prior to rehearsal time and at least thirty minutes prior to the ceremony.  All music provided for the organist should be original, and not photocopies.


A soloist may be able to be provided through the church, or you may know a vocalist you wish to perform.  When the church secures a soloist, arrangements will be made through the organist/pianist.  When you select your soloist, he/she should contact the church musician to arrange for rehearsal time.  All music rehearsals, when possible, should be scheduled for a time other than the wedding rehearsal.  The pastor and organist/pianist will have the final approval on all service music.



Flowers — Please advise your florist that decorations may be fastened to furniture with tape only (no nails, staples, screws, wires, clamps or gluing).  Decorations may not obstruct the view of the chancel worship symbols, such as the communion table, altar candles, pulpit and lectern.  Worship symbols and furniture are not to be moved or rearranged without permission from the officiating minister.  Decorating of church walls is prohibited.


Candles — The church has two seven-branch brass candelabras that may be used in your wedding.  A Unity Candle Holder is also available for your use.  If a Unity Candle is used in the service, the couple is responsible for its provision.  Dripless candles must be used.  The following items are available for a minimal usage fee:

  • Two Seven-branch Candelabras & Tapers - $50.00 (Optional)
  • Unity Candle Holder - $25.00 (Must use our candle holder if having unity candle ritual)

Bulletins — Wedding bulletins are the couple’s responsibility.  The pastor and wedding coordinator are ready to assist with the order of worship.  The final order of worship must be approved by the pastor performing the ceremony.


Rice, birdseed or confetti may not be used or thrown inside or outside on church property.  Fireworks and balloons are also prohibited.  Bubbles may be used outside only.  These are all difficult and expensive to clean up and are safety hazards.  Plans to “shower” the couple in any other way should be approved by the wedding coordinator in advance.  Silk flower petals only may be used for the flower girl basket.



Photographers are welcome at weddings and serve a valuable purpose in preserving a treasured record of the event.  Photographers and videographers must meet with the pastor prior to the start of the ceremony.  Inasmuch as the wedding ceremony is a religious service of worship, all photographers, amateur and professional are requested to observe the reverence of the ceremony, the sanctuary and the church facilities.  They are cautioned against marring the furniture (by standing on or resting equipment on chairs or any other pieces of furniture.)  Photographers will be held responsible for any damage caused by carelessness.  It is recommended that only “existing light” photography be taken during the ceremony.  It is permissible to videotape the wedding if it is done in a manner that is not distracting to the wedding ceremony.  Only low-light equipment may be used.  Other camera placement, still and video, and creative photography shots must be made in consultation with the Pastor.


It is recommended that all pictures be taken before the ceremony.  The wedding party may reassemble in the sanctuary after the ceremony and “stage” any part of the ceremony.  Pictures that include the officiating pastor need to be taken first.  Special care should be taken to not disrupt the ceremony with light, noise or movement.  All pre-wedding photography must be finished in the sanctuary thirty minutes before the ceremony.


Please inform your guests that pictures are not to be taken during the service.



Child care is not provided before, during or after the ceremony.  Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children at all times.


Shawnee United Methodist Church is a church whose space is set aside for the worship of God.  Members of the Wedding Party are expected to conduct themselves appropriately.  Damage to any part of the church or grounds from the wedding party or guest will be considered the responsibility of the couple.


Shawnee United Methodist Church is an alcohol free environment.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed on any part of the church property.  The wedding rehearsal or wedding will not be performed if any member of the wedding party is under the influence of alcohol. 


SMOKING is prohibited in our church building.  Please be advised of this at rehearsal, wedding and reception.


In order to protect church property and the property of the wedding party, no food is allowed in the dressing areas.



The wedding ceremony is a joyful worship service and the wedding attire should be appropriate for a worship service.  Dressing rooms are provided without extra charge.  The bride and her attendants are provided a comfortable and private place to dress.  The groom and groomsmen may dress in Room 307.  The bride and groom are responsible for arranging for the care of the property of the wedding party before, during and after the wedding and for the removal of all items immediately following the service.  Dressing rooms should be cleaned up prior to leaving the wedding.


The church will not be responsible for personal items such as wedding dresses, wraps, purses, silver and glassware, etc., brought to the church or used in the wedding.  Nor shall the church be liable for any such items if lost, stolen, or damaged.



Church facilities may be opened up to four hours before the ceremony, if requested.  Please inform the wedding coordinator of your arrival time and any other building needs for deliveries and decorating.  It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to arrange for clean up of personal and rented property after the ceremony.  This includes removing decorations, flowers, candelabras not belonging to the church, and all personal belongings.  All wedding activities including photography and clean up should be finished one and one-half hours after the scheduled wedding.


Application of hairspray and makeup should be restricted to the bathroom area.  It is the responsibility of the wedding party to arrange for the care of their property before, during, and after the ceremony.  The church cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles.


It is the responsibility of the bride and/or groom to inform the wedding party and service providers of all of the above rules.



Fees for the wedding should be applied as follows.  Other fees may apply in some cases that are not detailed in this policy, but are a negotiation between the officiating pastor and the bride and groom where special circumstances apply.  All fees should be made payable to the Shawnee United Methodist Church and to be paid 14 days preceding the date of the event.



Pastor                                                                                          $200.00   

Organist                                                                                     $175.00    (includes one-1 hour rehearsal and

                                                                                                                           wedding.  Additional rehearsals with

                                                                                                                          soloists, instrumentalists, or bride and

                                                                                                                          groom are $15.00/hr)

Wedding Coordinator                                                          $175.00    (includes meetings with the bride

                                                                                                                           and  groom prior to the rehearsal and

                                                                                                                           wedding.  Price may vary with added


Custodial Services                                                                $150.00    Price varies with added services

Audio Technician                                                                 $  50.00     ($100.00 if video is created)




Sanctuary                                                                                  NO CHARGE

Chapel                                                                                        NO CHARGE

Standing Candelabra                                                            NO CHARGE

Wedding w/Reception in Fellowship Hall                       $125.00




Pastor                                                                  $300.00


Organist                                                             $250.00    (includes a one-1 hour rehearsal and wedding.

                                                                                                Additional rehearsals with soloists,  $15.00/hr)


Wedding Coordinator                                       $250.00    (includes meetings with the bride and groom prior

                                                                                                   to the rehearsal and wedding.  Price may vary

                                                                                                   with added services.)


Custodial Services                                              $200.00    Price may vary with added services

Audio Technician                                                 $100.00    ($150.00 if video is created)


Facilities Usage

Chapel Only                                                                           $200.00

Sanctuary Only/Wedding                                                  $350.00

Wedding with Reception in Fellowship Hall                 $500.00

Reception Only                                                                     $150.00

Standing Candelabra                                                          $  50.00


All fees are due fourteen (14) days in advance of the wedding.  Please leave your checks at the church office or mail them to:

          Office Administrator

          Shawnee United Methodist Church

          10700 Johnson Drive

          Shawnee, Kansas 66203-2846


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