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Reflecting on the Gift of Grace:  Our Stewardship Covenant

Every Christian is a minister. We hope that you will prayerfully reflect on how you will be in service to God and you neighbor through Shawnee United Methodist Church. Then, fill out and return a Covenant Card and a Financial Pledge card to the church office.

Children also have an important place in ministry at Shawnee United Methodist Church. We hope you will help your children reflect on how they will serve. Then, have them fill out and return the Children’s Covenant Card to the church office.

When you become a member of a United Methodist Church, you promise to uphold the church with your prayers, your presence, your gifts and your service. This is a promise we make with ourselves, fellow members and with God. These four areas form the basic expectations of all members of Shawnee United Methodist Church.


In prayer, God has given to us the means to sustain a vital and growing relationship with God. Through prayer we present ourselves to God and express our desire for a living relationship with God. To uphold the church with your prayers means to pray for the people, ministries and the missions of this congregation.


Time is a very valuable commodity in our world. The way we spent our time says something about who we are. Christians are called to gather as a community of believers, to spend time together worshipping and serving God. To uphold the church with your presence is to promise to attend church regularly and actively participate in the ministries and mission of Shawnee United Methodist Church.


Everything we have is a gift from God who is the creator of all things. As Christians, we should return part of what God has given to us in thanksgiving for God. This is commonly called the tithe, or 10% of your income. To uphold the church by your gifts means you intend to tithe or move toward tithing.


All Christians are called to serve the mission of Jesus Christ. We fulfill this call in a myriad of ways according to our God-given spiritual gifts. To uphold the church with your service is to promise to serve in whatever capacity you are called through this local church.


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